Powerful workflow solutionsfor municipal market participants.

Munichain offers modern and accessible workflow solutions to enhance communication and streamline collaboration among municipal market participants.

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Deal Management

Organize and lead through the new issue process.

Track and share key deal information across the working group throughout the new issue life cycle.

Centralize Deal Information
Enter and organize all deal information in one central place.
Invite Participants
Add working group participants and grant permissions to access or contribute to any part of the deal.
Generate Reports
Easily share data across the working group, or export the deal and share with outside parties.

Collaboration and Communication

Align the working group with the latest information.

Announce updates, share agendas, and discuss changes with any participant in the working group.

Manage Documents and Feedback
Sign and manage documents across multiple versions and request feedback from specific participants in the working group. Scale access permissions at any point to a broader audience as the document is refined.
Communicate Internally and Externally
Set up topics to communicate the right information to the right participants at the right time. Manage all communication in one central location.
Create and Share an Agenda
Build and publish an agenda to the working group outlining key tasks, events, and dates during the new issue process.

Analytics and Insights

Keep tabs on your team and revenue.

Manage your team and track progress across multiple deals with actionable insights and updates.

Manage Teams and Members
Assign members to teams and track team performance.
Track Deals At Every Stage
See which deals each team is running, the status of those deals, and historical performance.
Track Revenue and Par Amounts
Get a birds-eye view on par amount, revenue, and deal stages across the organization.

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