Munichain vs. Legacy Systems

See how Munichain compares across features, benefits, and capabilities to the legacy processes of yesterday.


    • Transparent (Real-Time Transparency for All Participants)
    • Streamlined (Streamlined Processes, Reducing Time and Effort)
    • Accessible (Mobile-Friendly Interface and Email Alerts for Accessibility on the Go)
    • Collaborative (Simplified Communication and Collaboration)
    • Centralized (Centralized Platform for Easy Access to Information)
    • Automated (Automated Record-Keeping for Efficiency and Accuracy)
    • Scalable (Scalable Solution Adaptable to Changing Needs)
    • Affordable (Cost-Effective Solution With Lower Overheads)


    • Transparent (Limited Transparency, Often Delayed or Unclear)
    • Streamlined (Manual, Time-Consuming Tasks)
    • Accessible (Limited Accessibility, Tied to Specific Devices or Locations)
    • Collaborative (Reliance on Cumbersome Email Threads and Phone Tag)
    • Centralized (Information Scattered Across Multiple Systems and Documents)
    • Automated (Manual Record-Keeping Prone to Errors and Inconsistencies)
    • Scalable (Limited Scalability, Difficult To Upgrade or Expand)
    • Affordable (High Costs Associated With Maintenance and Upkeep of Outdated Systems)

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