Conference Recap • September 28th, 2023

MuniTech NYC 2023

MuniTech is an annual event aimed at uniting tech-forward and influential figures of the municipal bond market. Focused on muni bond technology, this exclusive set of panel conversations and happy hour promises to be in high demand among professionals seeking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of municipal finance.

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Spline Data
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Panels and Speakers from 2023

Data and Automation on the Buy Side

Automation in credit monitoring, portfolio optimization for SMAs. Moderator: Ted Merz
James Pruskowski
Susan Joyce
Alliance Bernstein
Abhishek Lodha
AG Analytics

Primary Market Technology

How technology is redefining the primary market. Moderator: Ted Merz
Matthew Gerstenfeld
John Murphy
Brit Stock
DFW Airport
Stephen Winterstein
SP Winterstein & Associates

Data and Automation on the Sell Side

Building an automated muni strategy, modernizing your existing tech stack. Moderator: Ted Merz
Matthew Smith
Spline Data
Christopher Comey
Josh Rosenblum
Alexander Domenick
RBC Capital Markets

Featured at the Event

Panel Conversation with Industry Leaders

MuniTech NYC 2023 featured three 45-minute panels of trailblazers in the field of muni bond technology on the sell-side, buy-side, and primary market. Attendees gained exclusive insights into innovations and strategies that are shaping the future of municipal finance. From digital platforms to machine learning applications, the discussions explored the transformative potential of technology in streamlining municipal bond issuance, trading, and analysis/management.

Conversation with Industry Leaders
Exploring Emerging Opportunities

Exploring Emerging Opportunities

As market participants increasingly turn to technology to optimize their trading and operations, MuniTech NYC 2023 provided market participants direct access to the decision-makers behind the latest technology and opportunities in the muni bond market. Participants gained valuable knowledge about the best practices, credit strategies, and workflow management solutions, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive growth and efficiency in their business.

Networking and Collaboration

The happy hour following the panel conversation provided a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with key players in the muni market. Attendees engaged in insightful conversations and build relationships with industry experts, investors, and technologists. Participants fostered collaborative efforts and established valuable partnerships that helps firms unlock transformative advancements in municipal finance.

Networking and Collaboration