About Munichain

Munichain offers modern and accessible workflow solutions to enhance communication and streamline collaboration among municipal market participants. We strive to build efficient, intuitive, and reliable tools necessary for members of the public finance community to thrive in a technologically evolving landscape.

The municipal bond market previously operated under entropic technology, with much of the software dating back to multiple decades prior. We believe in empowering existing participants with software designed to enhance their unique workflows and drive the municipal market forward.


With combined experience across tech, media, and the municipal bond market, our leadership team is dedicated to building and shaping the future of software for the municipal market and public finance.

  • Matthew Gerstenfeld

    Matthew Gerstenfeld

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Matthew is an experienced public finance professional and has held positions across NASDAQ, Oppenheimer & Co., JP Morgan Chase, IHS Markit (IPREO), and S&P Global. His expertise spans a wide range of areas, including underwriting, sales, trading, municipal advisory, market risk, and business and technology development. With a deep understanding of the municipal capital markets and technology, he is committed to driving innovation in the industry. Throughout his career, Matthew developed and implemented innovative solutions that have delivered measurable results market-wide. Matthew holds numerous FINRA certifications, including series 50, 52, and 63, and graduated with honors from the University of Connecticut, where he focused on technology and the capital markets.

  • Matt Gagliano

    Matt Gagliano

    Co-Founder and Head of Product Design

    Matt is a product designer passionate about helping cross-functional teams build digital products, services, and experiences. He has helped scale early stage startups across adtech and fintech, most recently at audio research and analytics company Veritonic. Matt has a background in designing and building web apps and leading small teams in solving complex problems with big impact.

  • Garrett London

    Garrett London

    Co-Founder and Head of Engineering

    Garrett is a software engineer specializing in APIs and their role in the capital markets. He started his career at Ipreo/IHS Markit, on a cross-asset API platform team, and enjoys creating dynamic web applications (in C# and .NET) that allow people and organizations to thrive.

  • Michael Lieberman

    Michael Lieberman

    Co-Founder and Head of Product Management

    Michael previously worked for Ipreo/IHS Markit where he gained valuable insight from experienced industry professionals on how to build new products that have been adopted throughout the market. His goal is to explore new ways to leverage technology to create efficiencies for financial professionals.

  • Tommy Jordan

    Tommy Jordan

    Executive Advisor, Sales & Marketing

    Tommy has a proven track record of driving sales growth and increasing revenue in the financial services sector. He has successfully developed and executed strategic marketing plans to promote financial products and services, utilizing his expertise in market research, branding, and digital marketing. Tommy has worked closely with local municipalities and government agencies, providing strategic advice on investment options, risk management, and economic solutions.

  • Ted Merz

    Ted Merz

    Executive Advisor

    Ted was the former Global Head of News Product at Bloomberg. He has three decades of proven leadership experience and development expertise across technology and media. Ted has since co-founded Principals Media, a ghostwriting agency for executives. He is actively consulting with financial companies and angel investing.


We're always looking for talented leaders to further our mission to modernize the municipal market for all participants. If you see an open role that looks like a fit, please apply through the link in the job description or send your resume to

There are no open roles at this time.

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