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Fredericks Elected President of Women in Public Finance

By Munichain News Desk
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Jennifer Fredericks, a director at the fixed-income data provider SOLVE, will be the new president of Women in Public Finance, the group announced.

Women in Public Finance is a national networking organization aimed at advancing women’s leadership opportunities in the public finance sector, according to the group’s website.

Fredericks was previously Women in Public Finance’s vice president of conference, responsible for fundraising and planning its flagship conference. She was also the group’s first national board member to serve two consecutive terms.

“To be able to lead an organization that I have gleaned so much from is quite an honor,” Fredericks said in an interview with Munichain News.

During her one-year term as president, Fredericks will focus on retention and growth. The group is aiming to surpass 1,000 members and add on to its existing 23 national chapters.

The group was established in 1997 and initially concentrated in the Midwest. It has greatly expanded since 2010, when it amended its bylaws to recognize regional chapters and affiliates. The organization is governed by a 19-member board of directors, with each board member serving a three-year term.

Fredericks will take office as new financial technology (fintech) revamps the municipal finance industry. 

“Even though public finance has been around forever, the new innovation that’s coming forward is just amazing and the need for women is great,” Fredericks said. “I’m one of the very few if any women that I encounter in municipal fintech, and it’s just another aspect of public finance that needs to have greater representation of women.”

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