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The End of an Era: Why Fax Machines and Muni Bonds No Longer Mix

By Matthew Gerstenfeld
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The world of public finance is constantly evolving, and as new technologies emerge, some traditional methods are becoming less relevant. One such example is the use of fax machines in the muni market, particularly when it comes to handling competitive bids and general document correspondence. 

While fax machines have been a staple of munis for decades, their usefulness is rapidly declining, and their compatibility with modern investment practices is limited at best.

Fax machines are not particularly flexible when it comes to document formats. They are designed to work with paper documents, which means any digital files or other types of documents must first be printed out and then scanned in order to be transmitted. This creates additional work and can be time-consuming, particularly in the case of lengthy official statements.

Market participants begrudgingly tolerate facsimiles to maintain operations, with some even connecting email accounts to receive an inbound fax. 

The idea of connecting a fax machine to the internet is intriguing, but it is comparable to trying to fill a Tesla with gasoline – an outdated and incompatible practice in today’s modern world. It is surprising that fax machines are still being used despite the challenges of making them compatible with modern technology.

It is important to consider the stark contrast of technologies currently used in the market. Despite the sound of fax machines in the air, the rapid evolution and integration of artificial intelligence into market activities begs the question: how can these two technologies coexist at the same point in time?

As digital technologies continue to advance, the limitations of fax machines become increasingly apparent. Many entities are now using digital platforms and other types of digital tools to manage their operations and maintain a modern presence in the market, making the use of fax machines less practical and less convenient.

Outstanding reluctance to adapt to new tools and systems will come at a great cost. Firms and individuals who resist change risk falling behind their competitors, missing out on new opportunities and ultimately losing relevance in an increasingly digital world. Embracing new technologies and staying up-to-date with industry trends is essential for long-term success.

It’s time to ditch the fax machine and embrace accessible technologies for efficient communication and collaboration.

If you’re looking to take your operations to the next level, consider learning more about Munichain and the cutting-edge tools available for seamless and secure correspondence in today’s digital age.

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