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The Muni Matrix #12 – Barnet Sherman: Technology Is the Solution

By Matthew Gerstenfeld
The Muni Matrix
Cover Image for The Muni Matrix #12 – Barnet Sherman: Technology Is the Solution

Join us as we unpack the future of munis with Barnet Sherman, founder of the Tenbar Group, a professor at Boston University, and a senior contributor to Forbes. In this episode, we explore the convergence of municipal bonds and technology. Discover how emerging technologies are enhancing the municipal bond market, bringing significant advantages. From digital platforms to data analytics, tune in for the latest insights into the future of public finance.

About The Muni Matrix

The Muni Matrix is an informational series that covers all aspects of the municipal market — ranging from evolving trends and noteworthy events to emerging technologies and shifts in investor behaviors. Please reach out to TheMuniMatrix@munichain.com if you would like to join an episode as a guest or submit a topic you would like to hear discussed.


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